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Amazon FBA Shipments

For many years FPF Warehousing has been involved in the handling of inbound shipments on behalf of Amazon FBA Sellers.

In fact a core part of our business is the processing of FBA shipments, working with Sellers across the globe who are selling goods on the UK platform. Sending inbound shipments to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre can be challenging and if not done correctly, can result in your inventory being delayed, additional expenses being incurred or worst still, the whole shipment being refused!

Working with a company such as FPF Warehousing who are specialists in the handling of Amazon FBA shipments – means you can have confidence that your inventory will arrive as expected and without any additional charges.

At FPF Warehousing we understand the critical importance of managing and sending your SPD (Small Parcel Delivery) shipments to Amazon FBA UK. As a company experienced in the handling of SPD shipments to Amazon, we will ensure the prompt processing of your outbound FBA orders and onward delivery, whether this is using Amazon’s preferred carriers or using our own appointed carriers.

We will take care of the whole process, from applying the FBA labels which you generate via Seller Central, adding Heavyweight labels (if parcels weigh over 15 kilos) as well as any UPS labels if you have chosen to use Amazon’s preferred carrier for the delivery. We also take care of setting up the collection with UPS, so you do not need to worry about this either!

Some customers choose to utilise our own carriers to deliver their small parcel delivery (SPD) Amazon FBA shipments. We work in partnership with leading carriers and can offer a prompt delivery service to any UK Amazon Fulfilment Centre. Whether you’re sending 1 parcel or 100+ parcels, get in touch with us today to discuss your next SPD shipment to Amazon.

SPD Services | Amazon FBA Shipments

Larger Amazon FBA shipments clients may choose to utilise an LTL (Less than Truck Load) service. This is where either you arrange delivery of your inventory into our warehouse, which we will then prep ready for onward delivery to Amazon via LTL. Perhaps the stock arrives to our warehouse and needs re-working to meet Amazon’s weight and dimension requirements. This could include us providing additional pallets, applying FBA labels or splitting the inventory into an outbound order and storing part of the inventory too.

For the final delivery of your LTL shipment, we can either prep it ready for Amazon’s own preferred carrier to collect, or we can ship your pallets to the Amazon FC via our own preferred carrier. We work closely with a leading national pallet carrier, who handle our Less than Truck Load (LTL) Amazon deliveries on a daily basis, offering a trackable delivery service from door to door.

To learn more about our LTL delivery services for Amazon FBA shipments, please give us a call on 01256 672727 or you can request a quote via our website.

LTL Shipments to Amazon UK | FPF Warehousing Ltd.

If you are sending larger FBA shipments to Amazon, then an FTL (Full Truck Load) delivery may be the option.

Suited for deliveries of palletised goods, we can arrange delivery to any Amazon UK Fulfilment Centre and take care of the whole process from start to finish. From labelling the cartons and pallets with FBA labels, making the delivery appointment with Amazon via Carrier Central and arranging the delivery from our warehouse to the FC. FPF Warehousing offers a one stop solution for any full truck load delivery to Amazon UK.

With palletised shipping of larger deliveries to Amazon, it is not necessarily a case of having to fill the entire trailer. Our experience shows that (depending on the location of the Fulfilment Centre) it can work out cheaper to send a dedicated trailer to Amazon, even when you do not have a full trailer load. Generally around 9-10 pallets would be the minimum of space needed to make the delivery of an FTL shipment cost effective. As mentioned, this is dependent on the location of the delivery, as Amazon operates warehouses throughout the UK.

To learn more about our FTL delivery services to Amazon or to request a quotation, contact us today.

FTL Amazon Deliveries | FPF Warehousing Ltd.

We understand that it is crucial to monitor costs with any business, none more so that when it comes to storing your Amazon FBA inventory.

At FPF Warehousing we provide FBA pallet storage services to suit all FBA Sellers large and small. Whether you are needing to store 1-2 pallets or several container loads, we will provide you with a reliable and cost effective pallet storage solution. Our warehouse storage services offer flexibility meaning we only charge for the space you are occupying. We do not fix customers into long term contracts and therefore you can scale your storage with us as and when needed.

When compared to storing your inventory with Amazon directly, this can create huge additional costs to your Amazon business. In addition there are times when Amazon will increase their storage charges at certain points of the year, to maximise their revenue and profits. Unlike FPF Warehousing we charge our FBA pallet storage services at the same price in January as we do in December!

As well as offering the storage of your inventory, we are able to offer a warehouse management system that you can access and view your inventory at any time. This enables you to plan your stock more easily and therefore means you can purchase additional inventory when required.

If you would like to find out more information about our FBA pallet storage services, please give us a call on 01256 672727 or contact us via our website.

Amazon FBA Pallet Storage | FPF Warehousing Ltd.

As an Amazon FBA Seller you may be purchasing goods from overseas and needing to ship containers from China and other places in the world. At FPF Warehousing we offer container devanning services to customers who are selling on Amazon, offering cost effective prices.

Our container devanning (also referred to as container unload / container de-stuffing) is where we receive your imported container, unload the inventory, split/sort and palletise the goods, either for onward delivery to Amazon or to be put into our warehouse storage. We have containers arriving at our warehouse on a daily basis, unloading 20FT and 40FT containers. Our warehouse team are well experienced with the de-stuffing of containers and understand the requirements there are when preparing onward deliveries to Amazon.

Container Devanning Amazon FBA Sellers | FPF Warehousing Ltd.

Whatever your warehousing requirements at FPF Warehousing we aim to improve and enhance your Amazon FBA supply chain. Whether you need storage, container devanning or a fully managed Amazon FBA shipment service. Get in touch with us today via our website or why not request a quotation.