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Container Unloading & Devanning Services

Container unloading (also referred to as devanning, unpacking or destuffing) is one of the main services we provide to our customers on a daily basis. Whether 20ft or 40ft containers, we are able to accommodate the unloading of shipping containers in an efficient and cost effective manner. Whether loose loaded or palletised goods, we have the facilities to handle adhoc containers, as well as daily or weekly container arrivals to our warehouse.

Palletised Container Unloading

Whilst the vast majority of the containers we unload are loose loaded containers, we do handle our fair share of palletised goods too. Typically these are finished products, that do not require any “re-work” and will either be going into warehouse pallet storage or re-loaded out for onward delivery across the UK or Europe, via our pallet delivery service. We have a wide variety of customers that utilise us for the unloading of their palletised containers, including tile importers, E-Commerce sellers and other 3PL’s and freight forwarders.

Loose Loaded Container Unloading

Most of the containers coming to our warehouse for unloading, will be loose loaded. That is where the supplier loads loose cartons into a 20ft or 40ft container and when we receive it, we will need to unload by hand – also referred to as “handball”. To handball a container, will usually involve us having received prior instruction from our customer to palletise the cartons into a specific order. Whether this is to follow a pallet specification, such as a certain quantity of cartons on each layer or to build the pallet to a certain height. We are familiar with the unloading of containers and palletising to suit the individual needs of our customers. A wide range of businesses use our services to unload their containers, from food importers to hoteliers, Amazon FBA sellers to logistics companies, we can help any business with their container unloading.

Container Unloading & Re-Works

When receiving an inbound container for one of our customers, they may want us to arrange specific work on the goods, before they can be distributed onto the end customer. This could be any sort of work. Things such as adding labels to cartons or products, removing paperwork, re-packing cartons or building pallets into individual orders. Whatever the requirement, FPF Warehousing is able to offer an extensive range of “Order Re-Work” services.

Unloading Vehicles & Personal Effects Containers

Inbound containers, holding vehicles and/or a customers household effects, is a regular occurrence for FPF Warehousing. We are well placed to handle the unloading of personal effects and vehicles from containers. If you are just shipping in a vehicle, then we will receive the container, unload the vehicle and then you can collect from us. Or we can offer onward delivery of your vehicle to your residence, utilising a specialist recovery vehicle.

If you are wanting us to unload you household personal effects, we are able to easily arrange this and put your effects into professionally manufactured storage boxes, each capable of holding around 6 cubic metres. You can then either store these boxes at our warehouse until you’re ready to take delivery or we can re-load your removal vehicle (or hire van) as from our warehouse, taking the hassle out of receiving a shipping container outside of your own property.

Loading Export Containers

If you’re moving overseas the chances are you may want to take your vehicle with you. FPF Warehousing can receive, load and secure your vehicle, ready for onward shipping from the UK Port. Whether you need to load a single car or multiple vehicles, we are well experienced to handle this. Furthermore, FPF can also arrange the collection of your vehicle from your home, using a specialist vehicle recovery vehicle. We will then transport it to our warehouse, where we can store your vehicle, ready for loading into the export container. You are of course also welcome to drop your vehicle to our Hampshire warehouse.

We’ve arranged the loading of many different vehicles over recent time. From a Rolls Royce to a Ford Transit van, we can assist any customer with the loading of their export containers.

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Container Unloading FAQ's

Container unloading, also referred to as “container devanning” or “container destuffing,” is where we will remove the goods which are loaded within a shipping container, on behalf of a customer. These usually tend to be loose loaded containers or palletised goods. However household effects and/or motor vehicles, would also need to be unloaded from a container.

Yes FPF Warehousing can arrange the loading of your export cargo too. Container loading or “container stuffing,” as it is also known, is where you “stuff” the container (usually with loose boxes). Whether you’ve a shipment to load for overseas, or perhaps you’re emigrating and need to load your motor vehicle, we can help.
Yes FPF Warehousing can arrange the loading of your export cargo too. Container loading or “container stuffing,” as it is also known, is where you “stuff” the container (usually with loose boxes). Whether you’ve a shipment to load for overseas, or perhaps you’re emigrating and need to load your motor vehicle, we can help.
We arrange the unloading of 20ft, 40ft and 40ft high cube containers. Other sizes of containers are available, but generally these tend to be for the self storage companies, whom are offering storage of goods within shipping containers. These size containers tend not to be used within the international shipping industry.
A question which we are often asked, but varies depending on what type of cargo we are unloading. Simply put, if you are asking us to unload a container of palletised goods, this can be done a lot faster, compared to unloading a 40ft high cube container with 2,500 cartons inside.
If you are a business customer, then you will usually have a commercial invoice and packing list, from your supplier. You can simply forward this to our warehouse team, who will mark off the goods as we are unloading the container. This ensures that if there are unexpected issues with the goods, this can be highlighted to you at the earliest opportunity. If you’re a private customer, who is immigrating to the UK, you will usually have received a packing list or inventory from your removals company. This can be simply forwarded onto our warehouse team by team, in advance of the container arriving at our warehouse.
Subject to you having the space, manpower and a few other basic bits of kit yourself, unloading a shipping container is very straight forward. We’ve previously written a blog post on container unloading. You can take a look at this post, which gives a good overview on what to prepare in advance etc.