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We Unload Containers Of Palletised Goods, Loose Cartons, Vehicles & More….

At FPF Warehousing some of our core business is the devanning of containers at our warehouse. Container devanning (also referred to as unpacking, de-stuffing) is where a warehousing company receives your shipping container and arranges the unloading, sortation, palletising (if required) and having the goods ready for transferring into storage or for onward delivery.

Whether you’re moving 20ft, 40ft or 45ft containers, we are able to accommodate the unloading of your shipping container in an efficient and cost effective manner. We handle the unloading of both loose loaded and palletised goods, as well as vehicles and household effects. Whether you have regular, on-going devanning requirements or a one off container – FPF Warehousing would be happy to provide you with a container devanning quotation.

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Looking For Container Devanning Services?

Whilst the vast majority of the containers we devan at our warehouse are loose loaded, we do handle our fair share of palletised goods too. Generally these are goods which are finished products, so do not require any re-working or sortation as they’re being devanned. We simply unload the pallets and put them into storage or re-load them out for delivery as per our customer’s instructions.

Due to the wide range of transport services we provide, we can arrange to either transport the full load in one delivery or the customer may prefer a “drip feed” of a delivery. This would be an ideal option for our pallet delivery service, which enables the customer to receive their pallets in smaller batches, ideally topping up stock as they deplete at their own premises.

We have a customer base that spans a wide range of industry. From tile importers to Amazon FBA customers, distributors in solar energy and other warehousing companies and freight forwarders.

Container Devanning Service - FPF Warehousing Ltd.

The majority of shipping containers we are devanning at our warehouse arrive as loose loaded goods. This is where the supplier at origin will stuff the container full of boxes and then we have to unpack (often referred to as “Handballing”) the boxes from the container. Generally the boxes will be sorted as they are being unloaded from the container. Our warehouse team will work from your packing list, identifying the product code, SKU number, product type and then separate the boxes and palletise in order. The pallets will be wrapped (labelled if required) and can be transferred to storage or we can arrange onward delivery of the goods.

A wide of customer’s use our services for the devanning of loose loaded containers. From hoteliers to food importers, retailers and Amazon FBA sellers. We have handled a wide range of loose loaded containers over the years, from 1,200 x 20 kilo bags of rice to 5,800 boxes of cat food in a single 20ft container! So whatever you are needing to be devanned from your shipping container, contact FPF Warehousing today on 01256 672727 for a quotation.

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Inbound containers that contain vehicles and/or household goods is a regular occurrence for FPF Warehousing.

We are well placed to handle the unloading of household/personal effects as well as vehicles. We have a purpose built container bay, which enables us to easily and efficiently unload vehicles from a shipping container. Once we have unloaded the vehicle, we can then either arrange onward delivery via a specialised vehicle transporter or you are welcome to collect the vehicle from us directly.

For the unloading of household and personal effects, we can either pack your goods into purpose built storage boxes, each capable of holding around 6 cbm. You can then store your household effects with us, for collection at a later date. Or, once as we devan the container you can coordinate for the removals firm to collect from our warehouse at the same time. By outsourcing the unloading to FPF Warehousing, means that you avoid the headache of having a large truck delivering a container to your residence, which often cannot be practical due to space/weight issues on the road and access to the property.

Loading Export Containers

If you’re moving overseas the chances are you may want to take your vehicle with you. FPF Warehousing can receive, load and secure your vehicle, ready for onward shipping. Whether you need to load a single car or multiple vehicles, we are well experienced to handle this.

Furthermore, FPF can also arrange the collection of your vehicle from your home or place of work. We will then transport the vehicle to our warehouse, where we can store it, ready for loading into the export shipping container. You can of course also deliver the vehicle(s) to our Hampshire warehouse directly too.

We’ve arranged the export loading of many different vehicles over the years. From a Rolls Royce to a Ford Transit Van, we can assist any customer with the loading of vehicles for export.

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