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At FPF Warehousing we provide a wide range of warehousing and distribution services, including offering storage space. If you are looking to outsource your storage, we can act as your pallet storage warehouse assisting your business with the need for additional storage space.

Whether it is long term or short term pallet storage, we provide reliable, flexible and cost effective warehouse space. Our storage services are designed to suit the individual needs of your business. Unlike others, we do not tie our customers into complex lengthy logistics contracts. It is always our aim to provide hassle free warehouse pallet storage, making the space you need, available when you want it. Whether you’re storing 1 pallet, or 1,000 + pallets, no customer request is too large or small for our company.

We understand that not every customer requires a long term (or ongoing) pallet storage service. We always welcome short term storage enquiries from customers, who are needing a short term solution for the warehouse space needs. Whether it is a handful or pallets or 000’s of pallets, contact us today to request a quotation for short term warehouse storage.

Sometimes a customer may want a short term solution to help them with a busy seasonal period, perhaps the launch of a new product, or because business is booming and they simply do not have the warehouse space available at their own premises.

Whatever the requirement, FPF Warehousing can provide short term warehouse and pallet storage solutions. If you would like to discuss your warehouse storage requirements, give our team a call on 01256 672727.

For those customers who have ongoing warehouse storage requirements, we are able to offer long term storage. This option is ideal for those customers who prefer to utilise the services of a third party warehouse on a permanent basis and not have the stress and headache that running a warehouse can bring. By choosing FPF Warehousing as your storage company, allows you to concentrate on your business, knowing that your goods are safely being stored on your behalf.

Our warehouse facility is safe and secure, operating alarm systems which are monitored 24/7 by a third party company. In addition, external and internal CCTV system, enhances the overall security of the warehouse. You can have complete peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands.

As well as offering pallet storage, our company can also add value added services, such as container devanning. So why not contact us today to learn more about our company and how we can assist your business.

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Bulk Storage Services & Oversized Pallet Storage

Sometimes storing pallets is not always something that can be done simply by utilising warehouse racking. Some customers may be operating in specific sectors or industries, meaning that the goods they’re selling are bulky, out of gauge and therefore unsuitable for storing in standard pallet racking. Bulk storage is a solution where a customer can utilise floor space for the storage of their goods.

We can provide bulk storage services, whether for oversized pallets, machinery or industrial equipment for example. Generally bulk storage is chargeable on a Sq.Ft. basis, therefore storage costs will be calculated on the total area of storage required, along with the period of storage needed.

Are you an Amazon FBA Seller looking for a cost effective storage solution to streamline your operations?

At FPF Warehousing Limited, we specialise in FBA Pallet Storage, offering a comprehensive, efficient, and budget friendly solution that will transform the way you manage your Amazon FBA inventory. As an Amazon FBA Seller you no doubt want to avoid the excessive storage charges billed by Amazon. By choosing FPF Warehousing as your pallet storage partner, will bring huge savings to your business.

Not to mention that unlike Amazon, we do not hike our storage rates in Quarter 4 each year!

With selling on FBA becoming more and more competitive, margins have never been so crucial. Therefore it is essential that you review your warehouse storage fees regularly. Outsourcing your FBA pallet storage to FPF, means we can pick from your inventory and “drip feed” your stock into the UK Amazon Fulfilment Centre as part of our FBA shipment service.

Get in touch today to learn more about our FBA warehouse pallet storage service.

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