Pallet storage services

Pallet Storage

At FPF Warehousing we provide a whole host of warehousing and distribution services, including pallet storage for businesses across the UK and Overseas. Whether it is long term or short term pallet storage, we will provide a reliable, cost effective solution designed to suit the needs of the customer.

Our warehouse facility is 14,000 sq.ft. of mainly racked space, with some floor space capable of handling bulky or non palletised goods. Our warehouse is fully covered, offers alarm and CCTV giving peace of mind to our customers. Furthermore the site has electronic security gates at both entrances ensuring additional security to vehicles accessing the site.

Short Term Storage

We understand that not every customer requires ongoing pallet storage services and it may just be a adhoc need to source a storage company. For example some of our customers will utilise our warehouse storage for a temporary contract, to take excess stock or to help them through busy peak periods. When using FPF Warehousing as your preferred pallet storage partner, you can get total flexibility and our pricing and storage services, can be tailored to suit your individual needs. When working with customer’s we do not like to operate strict, long term contracts and therefore we try to be as flexible as possible. With our short term pallet storage customers, we ask for a minimum commitment of 30 days only.

Long Term Storage

For those customers who have ongoing storage requirements, we are able to offer long term storage. This option is ideal for those customers who prefer to utilise the services of a 3PL on a permanent basis and not have the stress and headache that running a warehouse can bring. By apppinting FPF Warehousing as your storage company, allows you to concentrate on your business, knowing the your goods and products are safely being stored on your behalf.

pallet storage services

Oversized Storage & Floor Space

Sometimes storing pallets is not always something that can be done simply by putting into warehouse racking. Some customers maybe operating in specific sectors, meaning that the goods they are selling/buying are bulky, out of gauge and not suitable for conventional storage in pallet racking.

For these customers are are able to offer bulk storage or floor space, usually charged on a sq.ft. basis and determined by how much space is being occupied. Being able to offer this solution to both existing and potential customers, means that FPF Warehousing is truly able to offer a one stop solution for any warehouse storage services a customer may have.

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